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Managed IT Solutions

Our comprehensive and robust managed IT services proactively monitor, maintain, and manage your infrastructure, ensuring seamless operations and optimal performance.

We deliver: 

  1. Support for technical problems: You’ll have access to expert assistance via phone, web, and even in-person for resolving technical issues

  2. Remote monitoring: Your servers and workstations will be continuously monitored to detect and address any potential problems

  3. Patch management and updates: We will handle software updates and security patches to keep your systems up-to-date

  4. Advice and Installation: We’ll offer guidance on hardware and software choices and assist with their installation

Managed IT provision that supports your organisation

We are a flexible, agile, responsive and highly-experienced team of IT professionals who can deliver both on-site and remotely managed IT services tailored to our client’s needs.


Some of our clients prefer the reassurance of having our team on-site to support their day-to-day IT activities on a frequent or weekly basis if required. Our on-site managed IT provision may include setting up desktops and laptop devices and docking stations; monitoring server performance; handling system updates and installations, addressing bespoke software requirements as well as problem-solving. In contrast, remote IT provision may handle problem-solving, patching and installs amongst many other requirements.

Frost Consultants managed IT solutions deliver numerous benefits to our clients including:


  • Experience and expertise

  • Faster response times

  • End-user support

  • Proactive maintenance, monitoring and issues resolved

  • Disaster recovery planning

  • Cyber insurance and security support and assistance

  • Single point of contact for IT vendors

  • Data integrity and compliance

Hybrid and flexible working arrangements

Effective managed IT provision must also meet modern-day hybrid, remote, flexible and mobile working arrangements. This ensures that externally-based operational, project or sales teams are fully integrated into all internal IT systems and robust security systems are implemented.

On-site and remote IT solutions

We deliver both on-site and remote IT provision for clients based across multiple sectors and work with several leading hardware and software vendors such as Hornet Security, Dell and Altaro to ensure our customers have access to industry-leading IT solutions. 

By working with Frost Consultants to deliver your managed IT service provision, futureproofing your IT services is in safe hands.

Support your on-site IT requirements

To discuss how we can deliver managed IT solutions to support your business, please contact the Frost Consultants team today at 01377 830600 or to discuss how we can simplify your IT system’s needs

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